If you have a MAG box or an Android BOX running StalkerTV app then please contact us for your FREE 3 day trial. We will send you instructions to configure an additional portal on your MAG box to test this system - this is a key feature here in Portugal as internet speeds vary so much. Try to make sure that you test the system at "peak internet" time - around 8pm to 10pm is the best way to see if this system is suitable for you; even if the high quality streams are too much for your internet connection dont forget we have 32 low speed channels including 13 low speed Sports channels!!!


We have been advising holidaymakers, expats and residents in Portugal regarding IPTV for over 5 years so we are pretty confident you will not find a Pay As You Go, no contract system of this quality with the additional 70000+ movies, 40+ sports channels, 14 day catch up and low speed options for this price. If you are not satisfied after 3 days then no problem at all!

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